The Best Self Defense Tools for Women

Attacks against women are alarmingly high so it is more important than ever for women to carry a self defense tool to add another layer of protection. It is crucial to be aware of gimmicks and cheaply made products that won’t protect you. Not all self defense tools are worth buying. Read this article to learn about the best self defense tools for women.

Be vigilant and prepared

The best self defense tools for women

I’m usually very confident that I can get to where I need to go safely. At the same time, there have been times when I have walked to the store in the daylight then headed home after dark and got a gut feeling that caused me to wonder if I should call for a ride home. No one really wants to have to think about worst case scenarios, but preparation is ultimately the best form of protection. Sometimes the unthinkable happens and we are forced to defend ourselves despite being vigilant. In this article I will discuss self defense tools that I do and don’t recommend carrying. Here are the best self defense tools for women. These same tools can work for men too.

What is a self defense tool?

A self defense tool is an item or items that you carry to safeguard yourself against attacks from other people or animals. There is a wide array of self defense tools, but the best tools are discreet, non-lethal, easy to carry, economical, and effective. Of course, a self defense tool is only effective if you know how to use it correctly. Once you select your weapon of choice, make sure you get some training and become proficient at using it.

These kinds of weapons require further training and practice

Some self defense tools will give you a false sense of security and have the potential to backfire and hurt you if you are not adequately trained or used to using them. Self defense items such as pepper spray, guns, knives, tasers, and stun guns require further training and practice. You want muscle memory to work in your favor when you’re reaching for a weapon and that requires repetition and practice.

I personally don’t recommend knives and blades. By the time someone is close enough for you to consider a blade, that’s already too close for comfort. And if someone is brazen enough to attack you then their first move would be to take the knife away from you. They probably have a level of proficiency with weapons and don’t lose many fights. So for me, prevention is key and keeping as much distance as possible. Sadly, that is not always possible.

Additional considerations:

  • Risk of self harm. This study shows that first time users can easily misuse a tool or accidently harm themselves. This is why it is important to practice using the tool. I’m not trying to discourage you, but I want you to be sufficiently prepared.
  • Difficult to access. Just carrying these tools or having them with you does not mean that they will protect you. Danger can happen unexpectedly and your tool may be hard to reach in time. This is why it is important to not only practice the use of the tool, but to also practice accessing it swiftly.
  • Easy to steal. Your tool is worthless and can even be lethal in the wrong hands. Your attacker could easily steal it from you and you could quickly go from an attack free of weapons to a weaponized one.
  • Provide a false sense of security. Having a self defense tool may provide you with peace of mind and help you you feel safe, but the feeling may be false if you don’t know how to use your tools. As a result, you might lower your defenses or be less mindful of your surroundings and this could put you in danger.
  • Illegal to possess most countries. I once had to relinquish my hot pink pepper spray to the queen. We were crossing the Canadian border and it was just supposed to be an easy trip. Once they saw my keys, we were temporarily apprehended, searched and then they searched our entire car. They told me I could claim it when we crossed back over. I decided to let it go.
  • They require formal training. These kinds of tools require training and consistent practice to stay up to date and acquire muscle memory to avoid freezing.

Don’t be discouraged. Become proficient.

Those are all necessary considerations, but I don’t think you should be discouraged by any of the warnings. It’s true that airlines and most countries won’t allow you to travel with weapons. When you are home I recommend having self defense tools. I always walk around with a minimum of pepper spray in case I need to deter a fierce dog. In a survival situation it is vital to have strong defenses and weapons.

The Best Self Defense Tools For Women:

1- SABRE Pepper Spray, Quick Release Keychain for Easy Carry and Fast Access, Finger Grip for More Accurate and Faster Aim

Get yourself some pepper spray and learn how to use it! 42% of crimes are committed by multiple assailants. This pepper spray has 25 bursts and a true 10 foot (3m) range. I like this specific color option because it comes with a practice spray.

How to Use Pepper Spray – 4 Easy Steps

2- Guard Dog Diablo 2 Stun Gun – Tactical Stun Gun with LED Flashlight 

The Guard Dog Diablo 2 is a multifunctional defense tool with solid stopping power. It is part 320-Lumen flashlight, part 5 million-volt stun gun. For a stun gun to be effective, it should deliver at least 1 million volts. Besides, who doesn’t need a powerful flashlight AND a stun gun?

3-HyperWhistle – up to 142db Loud

A police siren can emit up to 120 decibels. Explosions from your favorite fireworks can blast up to 140 decibels (also the threshold at which humans experience hearing pain.) This HyperWhistle can emit a screech up to 142 decibels.

Can you imagine someone or something trying to attack you while getting blasted by such a powerful sound? It could create the distraction you need to break away. This tool has a range that goes up to two miles so it is great at creating distance.

HyperWhistle – The World’s Loudest Whistle

4- KEPEAK Military Tactical Pen, Professional Self Defense Pen, Emergency Glass Breaker Pen – Tungsten Steel

A tactical pen may sound like a joke, but it has practical uses outside of signing autographs on rent checks. It has a glass breaking tip that will allow you to escape in an emergency

Looks like a real pen so it doesn’t draw attentionNot intimidating to an attacker
Very durable, portable, and easy to concealYou need to open your purse and reach for it.
Requires no training to useYou must practice striking with the pen so you’re prepared to use it if the time ever comes.
It can cause damage to the person with strikes, but is unlikely to kill themCan be spendy and heavy to handle
Can be used to break glass if you need to escape from a car windowIs not allowed in carry on bags and can only be checked in.

How To Use A Tactical Pen For Self Defense

5- Addalock the Original Portable Door Lock by Rishon

When you are traveling, give yourself some additional peace of mind with Addalock. It is used on inward opening doors, wedged into the strike area, and prevents the door from opening. Addalock is simple to install and a strong addition to your arsenal of self-defense options.

Portable and easy to carryIt may not fit all kinds of doors and locks
Prevents unauthorized entry into your roomNot the most durable material
Easy to install
Is permitted in carry-on and checked baggage (according to TSA)

6- Door Stop Alarm, Door Stopper with 120DB Security Alarm, Floor Wedge Doorstop for Travel

This device recently went viral on TikTok because it was recommended as a must-have by a flight attendant. A door alarm isn’t technically a weapon, but it is an essential tool to have for self-defense. The device is placed under the door in such a way that it can detect movement. If someone tries to break in, it will alert you with a loud alarm.

Budget-friendlyMay not function well on slippery floors
Light and portableAlarm may not be loud out of the box so make sure that you check the sound levels
Easy to use and works with most doors and floors
Permitted in carry-on and checked baggage (according to TSA)

Home Security: Doorstop Alarm System

7- Pepper Spray Bracelet

Everywhere you go, it is now common to see people wearing a silicon bracelet or a smartwatch. With this stylish silicon band, you get a compact pepper sprayer that can spray 3-6 bursts up to 3 feet away.

This device would be super convenient for anyone shopping, jogging, traveling, or just for daily life. Pepper spray to the face is a surefire way to stop an attacker in an instant. I like this bracelet because it is ready to go and you don’t have to fumble or search for it. You can use the little viper with a press of a button. I recommend getting some backup cannisters.

Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet – Fashionable & Powerful!

The absolute best personal defense (non-gun) tool for women is…

8- The Taser Pulse

This little device takes the top spot above the other tools that I reviewed. This is the civilian version of a law enforcement taser. This beauty has a 15 foot shooting range and delivers a 30 second long electrical current to the attacker.

The electrical current is delivered in such a precise way that it completely incapacitates the attacker. This is accomplished by temporarily overriding control of their neuro-muscular system. The effect is also known as Neuro Muscular Incapacitation (NMI.) This is the top of the line when it comes to personal defense.

How powerful is a CIVILIAN Taser? (Giant Samoan man and Marine tased)

When it comes to guns…

Any semi-automatic shotgun above $400 would be ideal. I plan on writing a gun guide in the future so stay tuned! I wanted this article to be about items that are easy to acquire and carry.

Learn some basic self defense techniques

The best self defense tools for women

It is important to learn some basic self defense techniques. This doesn’t mean that you need to study a discipline for years to be effective (although that can’t hurt), you just need to understand one or two basic concepts and practice them. Knowing those basics will help you be more formidable to an attacker. This video does a good job of explaining some basic techniques.

7 Self-Defense Techniques for Women from Professionals


As women, we must always be prepared for the unexpected.

While there are physiological differences between men and women, women can be formidable opponents to an attacker. The best plan is always prevention, but sometimes we end up in situations that couldn’t be prevented. I remind myself that a cat that doesn’t want to be caught will get away. Size-wise, a cat is no match for a human, but they can still scream, scratch, fight, and find a way out.

If you don’t have the willpower, it is good to be well-equipped with a solid tool and trained to create distance between you and your attacker. Whether you feel more comfortable with pepper spray, a stun device, or something more lightweight like a keychain, it is always good to have a little personal backup.

What is your favorite self defense tool? Comment below to share!

? Alana