Don’t waste your money on generators and batteries

In this article, we are going to talk about why purchasing Generators and Power banks are a bad idea. Don’t waste your money on generators and batteries.

It’s story time

Imagine this. You’re sitting at home when you get the notification that a full scale war is imminent between the world’s more militarily powerful countries. The USA, Russia, China, and India have all taken sides. Now, it’s only a matter of time before things go nuclear. You’re far enough away from any potential blast zones, but you live in a climate that requires heating for at least one season and there are around 75,000 people in your city. Your municipality lacks the means of food production and the power is definitely going to go out for one reason or another. But don’t worry, you have a generator with 50 gallons of gas, 6 months of food, and a shotgun. When you’re this prepared, what could possibly go wrong?

When you’re this prepared, what could possibly go wrong?

Don't waste your money on generators and batteries
Don’t waste your money on generators and batteries

The correct answer is everything. In a real SHTF scenario, your supplies, generators, and power banks are going to temporarily make you comfortable while everyone around you gets hungrier and hungrier just like a cannibalistic, ticking time bomb. If you buy these technologies and think of them as a viable survival tactic, you’re just marinating yourself in convenience-sauce. Meanwhile, the soon to be cannibals will become more and more desperate. Every missed meal makes you and yours look tastier and tastier.

Prepping is NOT hoarding. Don’t conflate the two.

Prepping is not hoarding. People often conflate them for one another. The truth is that if your “prepping strategy” is more or less just collecting guns and supplies, then someone like me who lacks a moral compass, is probably just going to take them from you. You might be a gun slinger, you might bench 400 pounds, but if I’m just a little bit more clever than you none of that will matter. If it comes down to you vs. me, I’m throwing a flash bang down your chimney and sending a robot dog in to gut you before I eat your cheerios.

What should you do? Stop buying junk!

So what should you do? First and foremost, stop buying the junk that YouTube preppers are selling. Yes, these people have millions of followers, yes they are entertaining, but a true prepper will eat their lunch.

Speaking of lunch, the number one skill preppers lack is snaring, and it’s also the most important by far. Check out the Meat Trapper on YouTube and put a few snares in your bug out bag. They are light weight, very easy to use, and will practically guarantee that you won’t starve. Snares are the best, and most professional choice for hunting in a SHTF scenario. Don’t kid yourself thinking that you’re going to venture off into the woods and shoot a deer. You’re most likely going to freeze, fail, or get shot by someone else who also can’t hunt. Snares are an easy way to catch animals without being exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time

Generators and power banks are only a short-term solution.

Don't waste your money on generators and batteries.
Don’t waste your money on generators and batteries.

If you’re up against a serious long term emergency such as a total logistical failure then it’s only a matter of time before supplies run out. While generators and Solar batteries will keep you comfortable in the short term, you probably get robbed while trying to find the fuel that’s already gone. The truth is that no amount of hoarding is going to save you if there are hundreds of thousands of hungry people kicking down doors looking for food. Do you really want to be the one guy on the block with a generator and hot soup? Its completely illogical.

What do the smart preppers do?

A smart prepper is one who leaves before the marauders miss their first meal. Meanwhile, the stupid prepper buys a giant lithium ion battery that at most stores only a few days of electricity. Imagine generators and power banks as lead weights tied to both your legs when your real objective is to swim to shore.

Why do so many preppers swear by generators and power banks?

Why do so many preppers swear by generators and lithium ion power banks? The answer is simple. Most preppers are actually frauds and hoarders. A lot of these people are just selling fear, and pandering to the masses in order to stay free and clear of a 9 to 5 job. A lot of these Youtubers are selling illogical garbage at huge costs to their fans so they can get tiny commission checks. Realistically, your prepping should never interfere heavily with your daily finances.

What should I do?

What should I do? The answer is quite simple. A lithium ion power bank can only be charged once in a SHTF scenario. A relatively tiny amount of gasoline stores far more energy than the most expensive power walls. If you’re smart and you have a plan to get somewhere warm ASAP, then you won’t need a generator, or a power wall.

Your car is a generator!

In fact, your car is a generator, an air conditioner, transportation, a shelter, and potential tool capable of many different things. Keep yourself a full sized spare and if anything, buy some high quality metal jerry-cans. Also, find out what your vehicle’s maximum carrying capacity is.

A small car like a kia soul gets about 386 miles per 14.3 gallons of gas. The distance from Seattle to San Diego is only 1,255.2 miles. You could get there with only 46.49 gallons of gas, which is about 10 5-gallon metal jerry cans of gasoline. That’s a heck of a lot more energy and capability than a stay at home generator, or a power wall could ever provide.

Turn Your Car Into a Generator


If you’re buying multi-thousand dollar generators, solar systems, and battery banks you’re being bamboozled by online marketers pretending to be preppers. In a real long term emergency situation, remember that your city is a field of delicious wheat and the locusts will come. If you invest any money on energy storage, it should be enough cans of gasoline to travel somewhere remote and warm. Your car is a generator, a heater, an air conditioner, a radio, transportation, and a waterproof structure. Get yourself some high quality gas storage tanks and put them in your trunk. It doesn’t take that much to drive across a continent.

Be a smart prepper not a hoarder! See you soon!